Music in the Sun is an educational music program, in which you learn to play a musical instrument and become an integral part of a community.

The programme is currently available in more than 40 schools in the US, UK and Australia.

“We do a lot of work with young people who are in foster care or other places that have an incredible need for music education,” said Michelle Rennison, CEO of Music at the Sun.

“The music program at Music at The Sun is very much designed to give these kids access to music that they might not otherwise have access to.”

Ms Rennisson said the program is very different from the typical school-based music classes.

“It’s not like you’re in a traditional class.

It’s like you are in a band.

You are a performer,” she said.”

Music at The Spot is a different kind of music class.

You can actually learn a piece of music and perform it and have fun with it.”

In other places you might have a band or a solo player who performs the music but they might be doing it for a specific purpose.

“That’s not the case at Music At The Sun.”

What to expect:The program has three music tracks that are played at different times of day:The Sun’s music is a mix of jazz, classical and folk.

The program’s music instructor, Dr Karen McCausland, said that music is important for children in foster homes because it helps them connect with the community and build community bonds.

“You want them to feel comfortable with themselves and the people around them,” she explained.

“They also want to be connected with other kids in the community, whether that be with the school, with their parents, with teachers or just with other people who they might meet in the neighbourhood.”

When they’re in foster home, the music becomes more like a ritual rather than just a class, where they might do it for fun.

“Music at the Spot is also free and available to all students.

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