A new survey from the Japan Music Industry Association found that more than half of Japanese adults are familiar with the term jmu, and more than 80% are familiar to some degree with the songs of popular Japanese artists.

The survey found that only 14% of Japanese individuals have heard the term “jmu,” while only 3% know what it means.

More than 80 percent of respondents, or 8.5 million, know what jmu means to the person who is asking them.

In a country where music is often the soundtrack to everyday life, jmu can mean anything from the music that you listen to while eating to the sounds that you make while watching television.

But despite being in a region that is often referred to as “the home of the jmu,” there is a certain cultural and social context behind the term.

According to a survey by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), a part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are about 300,000 Japanese who are native speakers of jmu.

Ajiro Kanazawa, a professor of music at the Graduate School of Music at Kansai University, told The Japan Times that there are several meanings to jmu that can be used interchangeably with the other terms jmu and jmu-ka, such as jmu katachi (the Japanese word for music), jmu maki (the Chinese word for sound) and jumai (the English term for the jumu-ka of the United States, Canada and Europe).

Kanazawa added that jmu is not synonymous with jumak, the Japanese word “jumak,” which is a popular Japanese word that describes the sound of an acoustic guitar.

In contrast, the jamaik-ka is a more popular term for sound produced by an electric guitar.

The JICA survey also found that many people in Japan have heard jmu before, but are not aware of its meaning.

About 50% of respondents have heard it before, while only 5% of people have heard “juma” before.

In the survey, Kanazawas team of researchers asked Japanese people about their experience of jumagachi, or how they feel about the juma-ka.

Most people have only heard the sound when playing the instruments that they play with, but not the music itself.

The findings of the survey show that people are familiar and used to hearing the sound, and that people don’t have any expectations for what the sound will sound like.

Kanaze Masaki, an 18-year-old student at Tokyo’s Tohoku University, said that it was interesting to see how many people knew about jumachan, the sound produced from electric guitars, but didn’t know what to make of it.

Masaki said that she had heard the juke, or sound of a guitar, in the news in the past, but did not know how it was different from the sound made by an acoustic instrument.

She also said that some people may not know what the difference between jumacchi and juma is, and may even have no idea what the word means.

“If someone says that they heard jumahachi, it might mean that they didn’t have the time to learn about it,” she said.

A Japanese man looks at a juke during a demonstration held by the International Society of Electronic Music at the University of Tokyo on July 7, 2016.

Photo by Yoshihiko Kato/Getty Images”When I hear it, I think that it’s something new, so it makes me feel happy, but if someone who has never heard it says, ‘Wow, it sounds really cool,'” Masaki added.

Masaki said she was able to identify the difference in the two terms because she had never heard the instrument used by a traditional musician.

“It’s really fun for me to play with the instrument,” she added.

In addition to the survey results, Kanaze conducted a study with students at the university to see what students think of the concept of juma, which was published in the journal Japanese Communication.

The results showed that students are familiar enough with the sound to understand it, and even some of them were familiar enough to know what an electric-guitar player would call a juma.

“They have the right to express their feelings, but it’s really important that they don’t think about the meaning of the word juma,” Kanaze said.

The Japan Times also spoke with Tetsuya Nakamura, a lecturer at the Osaka University of Arts, Culture and Sport who said that he thought the term had a positive connotation.

“The meaning of ‘juma’ is related to the concept that a person who plays a guitar is a musician, not just someone who plays the instrument.”

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