Aarohan Music Classes (AMCs) is a popular music class franchise with over 200,000 registered users on the MyClass platform.

The company also offers a range of virtual lessons, offering free or discounted lessons in the form of virtual sessions and workshops.

However, there is no doubt that the concept of an AMC is unique to India.

Many of the online music lessons that have been launched in India focus on the production and delivery of live performances, such as the Aranjani music class or the ‘Aranjane music course’.

The ‘Arankan’ music class is an exclusive free music class with a focus on production, presentation and education, and is the flagship product of the company.

The ‘Aranks’ music course, on the other hand, is a series of lessons that focus on making recordings and sharing them with other artists and audiences through virtual sessions.

These lessons, which include an interactive online course and a series a curated audio course, are available for free and offer a number of other benefits, including the ability to share recordings with others and share the recordings with friends and family.

The Arankan Music Class is an online music class where users can share recordings and learn how to produce and share them online with others.

Aarankan offers the option of booking a recording with a fee, and paying a fee for a recording.

The fee ranges from Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 5,000 depending on the content and the duration of the session.

The ‘Ashok’ music classes are the other premium offerings from the company, which focus on audio production and sharing.

They offer an online course, a virtual recording studio, a live studio and a recording studio.

Ashok Music class, which is available for a one-time fee of Rs. 1,500, allows students to upload their recordings to a platform, where users will be able to record audio tracks in a studio, record audio, send audio to a user and upload the audio.

The sessions will be hosted in a virtual studio.

Students will also have access to a studio and the ability, through the Ashok music studio, to share audio recordings and share it with friends, family members and other users.

The Ashok Music classes are available in different formats and can be accessed for free, which gives students a number the option to learn how the company is able to offer the quality of audio recording.

Ashoks ‘Bhoomikku’ music lessons, on its own, offer an audio recording studio for Rs. 4,000.

The studio offers the ability for users to upload audio tracks and share audio files with friends.

The session can be hosted for free on the Ashoks website.

The students are given the opportunity to record and share their audio tracks with other users and share and distribute them with the world.

The Ashok audio studio can also be accessed free of charge on the platform.

The Bhatukkal, which offers audio recording studios for Rs 3,000, is one of the premium offerings of the Ashik.

The Bhatkal offers a full suite of audio and audio-related classes, which are available free of cost for all students.

Students can also use the Bhatku as a place to share and share with friends as well as record and upload audio.

This is also the case with the ‘Bhuomikku’, which offers an audio studio for a fee of a mere Rs. 2,500.

Bhatukks audio studio, which has a ‘Bhatku’ feature for free of course, is also available for Rs 1,000 a session.

Students are given a chance to record, record and record again, and can also share their recordings with the whole world.

These classes are also offered at a virtual private studio, where audio recordings can be shared and shared with other students and their friends.

Students who enroll in the Bhattukkala audio studio will have access and share any recordings, and the audio will be available for others to download and use for free.

The class can be launched free of fee.

The first Bhatkus audio studio in India was launched by the Ashuk in April this year, and a similar class is now being offered for free in Delhi.

Ashik Music class offers an online studio and digital studio, for free or for Rs 2,000 for a month.

The recording studio and studio feature the ability of recording audio, as well a host of other features such as sharing audio tracks, uploading audio files and sharing audio with other people.

The digital studio is available free for a period of one year.

Ashks Bhatu is also offering a digital studio for free for the period of three months, for students who enroll during the free period.

The audio studio is designed to record both audio and video, as the class is available to all students in a single session, and also available to the public.

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