Computer music classes are on the rise and students are paying for it.

And it looks like you’re paying for that.

The National Center for Education Statistics released data this week that shows students are spending $4,837 on computer music classes over the course of a semester, a 17% increase from last year.

Computer music teachers, meanwhile, are paying out more than $6,500 per class.

But the increase is mostly in the classroom.

Students are spending on average $7,539 on computer classes over a three-month period.

The number of students in the program is down about 14% from last spring, but that’s still more than 20% of the U.S. public school population.

Students can earn a certificate from the National Computer Music Education Consortium, which teaches computer music as an elective and helps schools make sure students can use the technology as an educational tool.

A typical class costs $100 and students pay $20 in tuition and fees.

The consortium says that while computer music courses are becoming more popular, they still represent a small fraction of the $10 billion in annual music spending in the U, which could be much higher.

But computer music is growing in popularity as an alternative to music lessons in many schools.

The NCES data shows computer music enrollment in the United States increased 15% between 2008 and 2015.

That’s the largest increase in a decade.

Computer musicians aren’t just for kids in high school and college.

There are now nearly 2 million computer music students in high schools and colleges across the country.

The average age of the computer music program participants is 19.2 years old.

Computer instructors are paid an average of $160,000 annually.

But those numbers don’t include bonuses that computer music instructors get, or any expenses related to computer music.

Students who take courses online also earn more.

For the second year in a row, the NCEE released data that showed computer music costs were up $9.3 million during the year in which computer music instructor pay was at the highest level.

Computer education professor Steve Fisker said it’s easy to overlook how expensive computers are, but the data shows that they’re becoming more affordable.

“If you’re not aware of how expensive they are, it makes it hard to justify investing in them,” Fiskers told the New York Times.

Computer classes cost $200,000 a year, which is almost four times the average cost of a high school diploma, the Times reported.

That is a lot of money for kids who are just starting out in school.

But some experts are concerned that computer classes aren’t always a good investment.

“It’s a great education, but they can be expensive,” says Michael Ziegler, professor of digital music at the University of North Carolina.

“I’ve heard parents say they want their children to go to a computer music course, but then they don’t have a good reason for why they should do so.”

In addition to the increased tuition, computer music teachers are also facing challenges in getting students to complete the program.

The program requires students to listen to music on their own, which isn’t a typical part of the curriculum.

In the NSEERS data, the average amount of time students spent in class is 15 minutes, with students taking about 40% of their class time listening to music.

Computer teacher Chris McDaniel of the University at Albany in New York said computer music instruction doesn’t always have a supportive student population.

“The majority of the students are going to have to be taught on a laptop, and they’re not always comfortable with that,” McDaniel said.

Computer students also have to complete more online classes than computer music education instructors, and those courses are much more expensive.

Students have to pay more to get their course done, and teachers aren’t compensated in the same way as computer music educators, according to the NCAES data.

Computer class sizes have also risen as more students are using the internet.

Computer schools that don’t offer computer music are struggling to keep up with the demand for students to learn the technology.

“Computer music is a big part of our curriculum and it’s really, really important to us,” McDavid said.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea.

Computer-music teachers can teach a class that might take about 10 minutes.

“We can teach the material in a week,” McDavis said.

“And it’s not as expensive as it used to be.”

The computer music industry says the increased demand for computer music has helped to increase the number of computers in schools.

“More students are enrolled in computer music programs and more students have taken courses online,” said Kevin Shih, director of business development for the Computer Music Association of America.

“This is an excellent opportunity for all schools to provide a computer-based learning experience for students.”

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