A major breakthrough in technology will lead to a whole new world of music.

Spotify is now the biggest music streaming service in the world, with over 5 billion active users.

But with Spotify’s launch, a whole other world of entertainment is opening up, with some of the biggest stars and biggest names in music announcing their music releases for the first time in the new year.

Here’s what you need to know about Spotify: Spotify is a platform where artists and producers share their music.

The service allows users to stream and download their music from a large collection of thousands of artists and labels, and also lets them make money by selling digital downloads.

Artists can even get paid in cash, although it’s unclear whether Spotify will pay artists a percentage of the sales.

Artists also get paid a royalty based on how many plays a song has on Spotify’s service.

Artists have to make money through streaming, though Spotify has also said that it will pay creators in cash.

The company is working on a streaming service that will be available in 2018, with the first album being announced on Feb. 11.

Spotify will also release a digital version of albums, but those will be limited to artists who have made more than $2 million in the last five years.

The company has been expanding its service in recent months, with Spotify adding more artists to its catalogue.

Its most recent expansion, which saw Spotify add 200 artists, added more than 10,000 artists and artists from other genres.

The company is also adding artists from the streaming service of a record label called Warner Music Group.

Spotify has said it plans to launch a digital streaming service for artists in 2019.

The digital streaming services of Apple and Spotify have been gaining popularity in recent years.

Apple’s iTunes Music Store is a free service that allows users of its iTunes digital music store to listen to thousands of songs for free.

Spotify’s streaming service is free and works on iOS devices.

It has been rumored that Spotify could offer its streaming service as a service on Apple’s iPhone.

Spotify was reportedly in talks with Apple about licensing its streaming music services on iPhones in the past.

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