New York’s oldest and largest liberal arts college, City University of New York, is offering two free music theory courses on its campus.

The courses will be offered by City’s Music Theory Department. 

Students can take the classes for free, which includes music theory and the basic concepts of composition, structure, and timing. 

The courses are part of a program of free music lessons offered through the University’s Music Department.

It’s the second time the music department has offered these classes. 

There are no requirements to take the courses. 

“Music theory is one of the most important disciplines in the world,” said Stephanie Dube, director of the department.

“It’s one of those subjects that I am always going to look forward to hearing from students. 

This program gives them the opportunity to take music theory in a context and with students that they can relate to. 

It’s really about listening to music, learning music, and connecting with the music.” 

The music theory program is not just for students, but also for the community. 

City’s Music theory department also runs an after-school program for students and adults, which has been around for over 30 years. 

Many residents in the city have also been involved in music education and have even taught themselves the music. 

For the first time, the department is offering music theory to residents in a way that’s geared toward them. 

 “We feel like we’re helping the people who don’t have access to music at home, the ones who have to work to make ends meet,” Dube said.

“So this is really a way for people to experience it for themselves. 

So many people have been working for years to improve their music skills.

Music can make a big difference in their lives.

And to have this kind of opportunity to teach music to them is really exciting.” 

To receive more information on the program, visit

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