It is an important topic to understand.

“The diagnosis is a bit like a disease, you know,” said Paul D’Emilio, head of research and development at the Australian Centre for Autism.

But autism is more than just a disability, and not everyone with autism will be diagnosed with it.

Professor D’Emicio said the way people with autism communicate and interact with others has to be viewed through a different lens than the one that most people are familiar with.

“There’s a lot of assumptions about autism that are often inaccurate, that are not very helpful for understanding,” he said.

“And there are some myths about autism.

It’s a complex thing.”

Professor Paul Demilio is heading up a research and clinical development centre to study autism.

Picture: David CroslingKey points: Professor Stephen McKeown, director of the Centre for Neurodevelopmental Research at the University of Queensland, has published research showing that people with the autism spectrum disorder often have different cognitive and social skills to people who don’t have autism.

Professor Demillio said research had shown that some people with ASD have trouble with social communication, while others could use a few simple words to communicate.

“They have to communicate using a variety of cues and the same basic facial expressions, which is very important,” he explained.

“It’s a problem that’s not always clear.”

“So I think it’s important for clinicians to understand that we don’t see all of these people in the same way.”

He said it was not uncommon for children with autism to be more sociable and socialised, and they could use facial expressions to communicate to others.

“I think the key thing is, they’re not necessarily autistic,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“The majority of them have some cognitive impairment.”

Professor Demanio said autism was one of the most complex and nuanced neurological conditions, and while some people might struggle with social skills, others could benefit from the right support.

“A lot of people with disabilities don’t need a lot, a lot isn’t necessarily a bad thing,” he added.

“We should look at the autistic child, the non-autistic child, not just the autistic.”

In an interview with the ABC, Professor Demanian said people with autistic children often felt misunderstood.

He explained how a parent with a child with autism might feel misunderstood by others, or what a parent might say to a child whose child has autism.

“You may think, ‘Oh, they just don’t know how to talk to me, they don’t understand what I’m saying’, so maybe they can’t understand how to interact with me, and I can understand how they can,” he noted.

“So it’s just a balancing act.”‘

A lot is not necessarily a good thing’When it comes to helping people with developmental disabilities, Professor McKeon said the Australian Disability Support Network (ADA) had a huge amount of support.

However, the group did not provide direct care for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

As a result, people with that condition are often not able to access services for themselves.

Mr Deman said a key difference with autism was that it was often associated with poor social skills.

“People with autism have this very different set of social skills,” he remarked.

That can make it difficult for people who do not have autism to find the support they need to manage their own lives.

Paul D’EMILIO, HEAD OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTRE at AUTISM SCIENCE UNIVERSITY, explains why people with a range of disabilities have different social skills and communication skills.

It’s important to understand what the criteria are, because there are people with other conditions who have autism and have a great deal of difficulty communicating with others.

For example, a person with a speech and language disability, who might be able to use a little speech, might have a hard time.

And if you’re dealing with someone with a hearing disability, they might not be able do the same things.

These people might not understand how other people can communicate.

So it can be really challenging, and it’s very important to recognise that they have a range [of different social] skills.

Paul Demilleio with Autism Services Queensland, who helps to train people with learning disabilities and autism.

The Australian Centre in Adelaide has an autism service and supports people with varying needs, including those who do need to be supervised.

Autism Services Queensland said people who are at a higher risk of autism are usually diagnosed at an early age.

While some people have a diagnosis of autism when they are young, most people who have the condition do not develop the disorder until adulthood.

Many people with these conditions do not require any form of intervention for many years.

People with a diagnosis have more difficulties accessing services, and the majority of

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