Aaranaan Music Classes is an online music class created by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The Bharatiyas goal is to promote the country’s music culture, and in doing so it is promoting the nation’s youth as well as encouraging people to explore and appreciate the art of music.

“The Bharat Bachao Andolan, which is our national music class is an innovative and unique initiative, with the goal of creating a new generation of musicians.

We are aiming to inspire our young generation to pursue music as a way of life and not just as a hobby.

We are a virtual music class for the world’s young and it is all about connecting them with the world through music, a medium that has been used by the people for millennia.”

Our virtual class will be taught in a simple and casual way through our dedicated team of teachers and students.

This is an opportunity for the youth to discover the artistry of music and become immersed in it,” said BJP spokesperson for youth affairs Kiren Chaudhary.”

With the Bharat’s music class offering a new approach to the classical music and instrumental music and also the classical and jazz music of our country, it is a new way for the nation to engage with the arts and culture,” she added.

It is not only about the music. “

The Bharata Bachao andolan is a unique program, but it is also a new thing.

It is not only about the music.

It also offers a platform for the community to share and express themselves through music.

This has opened doors to the youth for expression,” said the teacher and music student in the class.

The Bharatanatyam class, a national program for young people, is currently running on a similar model.

“This is a program where young people in India can come together for a period of time and share their thoughts and experiences,” said Chaudhal.

The Bharat has also created a series of other music classes for the public to take part in through various channels.

A series of music classes at the Bharatan atmanda mandir.

(File Photo: Anupam Nath)”Our goal is for our students to grow in their musical talents and have a good learning experience and also be engaged with the art and culture of India,” said BharatiYouths spokesperson for music, Arvind Singh.

The Biju Bhagat Bacha Andolan has been a part of the Bharatis education platform since 2016.

“Aarannathan Music Class was launched to promote music as an art form, as opposed to just a hobby, and we want to give the young generation a way to participate in this as well,” said Arvind.

The programme was also launched on the basis of the Gandhiji Ramayana, with more than 10 million students taking part.

“I was delighted that the Bharata was able to launch a music class.

Music is not just a way for people to express themselves, it can also be an instrument for our creativity.

It can be a way out of the daily grind.

It will help the youth in a lot,” said Pankaj Singh, a student.

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