In 2020, when astronomers are in their 30s and 40s, they can expect to make $60,000, according to a recent study.

It also suggests that in 2019, when they were entering their 40s and 50s, their salary would have risen by $30,000.

The study estimates that in 2020, astronomers will make $5.7 million.

In 2019, they would have made $4.8 million.

Astronomers would have received $7.7 billion, which is more than half of the total annual income for the entire U.S. The $60 million is roughly in line with previous estimates.

A $5 million raise in 2021 is roughly double the $5-million increase in 2019.

The increase in 2021 would be a third of the average salary increase over the previous decade.

But it would also mean the median pay would have been nearly $35,000 higher than in 2019; that’s roughly the difference between a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree.

It’s worth noting that the median salary for an astronomer is $35.4 million, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The median salary of an astronomer who is not a doctoral student is $36,907.

The BLS estimates that about one-third of the $7 billion will go to scientists, the other two-thirds to medical scientists and the remaining third to mathematicians.

Astronomer salaries have historically been a key component of U.C. Berkeley’s astronomy curriculum.

The university’s astronomy department began in 1912 and began in the 1970s.

Its faculty is one of the largest in the country.

In 2015, the university announced that it would be transitioning to a “post-professional” position that would provide more mentoring, tutoring and job search support.

The department’s budget would grow by $2.7 to $23.9 million in 2021, with the rest of the increase coming from other funds.

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