The price of listening to music on your smartphone is about to be lowered for the first time in decades.

On Tuesday, the European Union will impose an EU-wide price cap of €1,600 per month on the monthly subscription fee for music class classes.

The price cap, which will apply to all classes, is part of a wider package of measures aimed at encouraging consumers to spend more money on digital music, which is growing at an exponential rate in Europe.

In the US, the average monthly subscription cost is $15, while the average cost for a Spotify-like subscription in the UK is about £7.

Spotify, the world’s most popular music streaming service, is also the most popular in the world with more than 1 billion active users.

“The price of music in Europe is going down.

In the US it’s going up, it’s up, and in Canada it’s getting worse,” said Peter Bower, director of the Music Industry Council, which represents music companies in the EU.”

It’s been the case for a while that Europe is becoming more and more attractive to digital companies, which means that in Europe, music is increasingly being sold to consumers through the internet.”

This is something we have seen before in the US and other parts of the world.

It’s been getting better and better.

“For the first two months of this year, Spotify added more than 3.2 million subscription-free listeners to its service, which now includes more than 90 million songs.

The European Commission, which sets EU regulations, expects to impose the price cap on March 30.

The price cap is one of several measures designed to encourage digital music consumption in Europe and help reduce consumption of other forms of media, such as DVDs and CDs.EU regulations have allowed Spotify to expand its reach in Europe by offering premium music-streaming services, which have also been available on iOS and Android devices.

The EU has also taken steps to make music more affordable for people who have less money to spend on other things, such an increased cap on monthly payments for music classes.

The US has had a similar price cap since 2010, which it introduced after a surge in streaming.

It is expected to impose a similar cap this year.”

Music is now becoming more expensive and less accessible for everyone.

In Europe, we are seeing that for a lot of people, including for people with less money, it is becoming increasingly expensive and more expensive to use music,” said Bower.”

There’s been a lot more of an increase in the number of people who can’t afford to buy CDs, and that’s a concern.

“We have seen that, for a long time, in the past two or three years, it has become increasingly difficult to access music.

There is more competition in music, but it’s not easy to find music in the digital world.”

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