The subject of a new music class taught at a prestigious university has prompted a fierce debate over the use of names.

The class was taught by a member of the University of Bengal’s music department. 

The course has been viewed by thousands of people on YouTube and the course was taken in December.

But the course, which is meant to help students write about their favourite musicians, has prompted many to raise questions about the names of the students.

“Why should I be able to name my favourite singer?” asked one of the participants, who asked to remain anonymous.

“I am not a musician.

I am a student.

If you want to name me, I am the person that is not a student and can’t write about my favourite music,” he added.”

No way in hell am I going to give you my name.”

The controversy erupted last week when a video of the course surfaced on YouTube. 

It shows the students writing a list of the musicians they think deserve their “likes” in a series of questions.

“How many times have you heard a song called ‘Lal’ by Lal Mahal?

And why is it called that?,” the students ask.

The course was held at the University in the western state of Karnataka, which has seen its number of students increase over the past few years.

It is a highly regarded institution with more than 30,000 students enrolled.

In the course titled ‘What is a musician?’, the students were asked to come up with their favourite music artist.

The course includes songs like ‘Lala Mahal’ and ‘Kaliyan’, both of which are known for their catchy melodies.

In the video, one of those students, who requested to remain unnamed, asked the students to write a list.

“There are a lot of musicians, but the ones I like the most are Lal Mahals, Lal Kanas and Lal Kanals.

And I can name the ones that I like,” he said.

The students said they were unable to find a way to name any of the names on the list. 

“If I want to give it to you, it should be Lal Kanahals.

It should be the person who is known for playing Lal Mahaling, the singer that plays the guitar and is known as the person in a certain way, said the student.”

That is the list of my favourite musicians.

But, that list is not going to be able [to give] you a real name,” he told The Indian Express. 

This is a topic which will not go away.

The students are not giving it up and they are not going away.

This is a matter that we must fight on, said one student.

Some have criticised the course’s instructors, including the dean of the university, who is also a music professor.”

It is not an academic course.

We have to have respect for the students,” said the dean.

A group of students, led by a professor of Hindi literature, organised a protest in the campus and the university administration has announced a disciplinary panel to look into the matter.

The college has defended the course.”

The students did not give up and did not quit.

We did not allow them to leave, but they are being treated in a different way,” said an official at the college.

Another student, who did not wish to be named, said, “It was an academic, not an anti-India, course.

It was meant to give students the chance to think of a name for their favourite musician.

This was not meant to be anti-national.

It will be a very tough process.

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