The list is rounded out by the 20 best albums from the last 10 years, with the remaining 40 being the 20 worst.

The list includes both classic and contemporary albums, plus one-off artists who made a mark in a different genre.

The albums are listed chronologically.

This list is a compilation of the best albums of the past 10 years.

Top 20 Albums of the Last 10 YearsThe list was compiled by MTV News in partnership with Spotify, Spotify Music and Rhapsody, with input from a panel of industry insiders and music fans.

The 20 best records of the last decade are:A Day to Remember, The Fall, The National, The Beach Boys, The Band, The Beatles, The Doors, The Cure, The Replacements, The Black Keys, The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Pixies, The Clash, the Smiths, The Smiths and The Who.

Best Albums in a Single YearThe Top 20 albums in a single year are:The Rolling Stones – The Beatles (1962)The Smiths – The Doors (1967)The Replacements – The Black Dogs (1971)The Black Keys – The Rolling Revolution (1969)The Cure – The Cure (1977)The Rolling Stone – The Clash (1986)The Pixies – The Smith Street (1984)The Clash – The Beach Boy (1979)The Who – The Who (1975)The Beatles – Abbey Road (1964)The Beach Boys – Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)/The Beatles (1969)/The Rolling Revolution/The Cure (1976)The Pink Floyd – The Wall (1967)”No. 2″The first place in the Best Albums In a Singleyear category is “No. 3” by the Beach Boys.

It’s the second best album from a single decade and also the first album in a decade to reach No. 1.

It also holds the record for the longest consecutive chart-topping run.

“No 1” is the band’s second album in the Top 10, and its second consecutive No.1.

“No. 4” by The Pink Floyd, which peaked at No. 5 in 1962, is the first solo album to reach Number 1 since “The Dark Side of the Moon” in 1966.

“The Pink Wall” is a solo album for the band.

“Piano Man” by Led Zeppelin is their eighth consecutive No 1 and is their best-selling album.

“Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” is their fifth consecutive No 2 and their first No 1 since 1965.

“Stairway to Heaven” by Pearl Jam is the fourth consecutive No 3 and their fifth No 1.

The Beatles’ “A Day To Remember” is considered to be their most important album to date.

“A Hard Day’s Night” by John Lennon is the best-reviewed Beatles album, and “I’ll Be There” by Ringo Starr is their second-best album, after “Let It Be.”

The Beatles’ first No. 2 album, “A Different World,” is the only other Beatles album to sell more than 10 million copies.

“Ludwig And The Blacktop” by Elvis Presley is the third best-remembered song of all time, and it was the only song to hit No. 10 in the charts for 25 years.

The Beatles recorded a number of singles and studio albums during their time in the Beatles world.

“Hey Jude” is regarded as the best single by a solo artist.

“Yellow Submarine” is one of the most commercially successful songs ever.

“Love Me Tender” is an enduring classic and a defining song for the Beatles.

Neil Young is regarded to be one of music’s greatest artists.

He was a huge influence on a generation of musicians and his solo albums, including the seminal “Yellow Sun” and “Happiness Is a Warm Gun,” helped shape the rock and roll scene.

John Lennon’s best-known solo album is “Imagine,” which became the first of his albums to hit number one.

It peaked at Number 2 in 1966 and topped the Billboard Hot 100 three times in the next five years.

He also released two solo albums: “Imagine” and the solo “Sgt. Pepper’s.”

“Beatles” is widely considered to have been the first rock album to break through to the mainstream.

“All My Loving” is still a popular song to this day, with nearly one million people playing it on Spotify.

Foo Fighters’ fourth studio album, The Blue Album, was the band and John Lennon’s first major studio effort.

It topped the charts in 1967, 1978 and 1992.

The album also became a cult classic and the first-ever rock and pop album to be nominated for an Academy Award.

Marvin Gaye’s first solo release, “Love and Theft,” became one of rock’s most commercially popular albums.

The singles

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