The new series of music class, Music for Everyone, is going to focus on how music education works in America.

The series will be co-produced by Music for All, a group of parents, educators and musicians from around the country who have been working to improve education in schools around the world.

The program will air on TMI at 8 p.m.

Monday, Aug. 30, and will air again on TMIR after that, according to the company.

“Music for Everyone is a collective of parents and teachers in the U.S., Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand who are committed to improving the quality of music education in our schools,” said TMI president Tom Schulz.

“Music for All is a group that believes that the best way to improve educational outcomes for students is to teach students the art of music.”

“The purpose of this series is to explore what it’s like to teach music at a high level,” said Music for Education Director Michael Tzourios.

“What it’s really about is how we can make music learning accessible for every student, every class and every experience.”

According to the program’s website, the series is designed to give parents, teachers, and students the opportunity to connect, share experiences and collaborate to create a shared vision of music.

“The aim of this initiative is to bring more music education into classrooms, schools, communities and the broader music community,” Tzurios said.

“We hope that this series will provide a way to bring these conversations to the forefront of our conversation.”

This series is going on nationwide and will be available for all of us to share in,” he said.TMI has been working on this series since March, when the company launched the Music for Every series, which aims to help students from a variety of backgrounds understand and practice music.TMMIR, a company that provides music education, is based in New York City.

TMMIR founder and CEO Richard J. Wurzer said the new series will help TMI “connect and engage the world’s most diverse music education community.””

We’ve been working for over a year now to create the best music education program in the world, and this series brings a new way of learning to our students across the globe,” Wurizer said.”

We’re proud to partner with Music for Everything to provide an opportunity to educate and inspire students to become the best musicians they can be.”TMI is thrilled to work with Music For Everyone on this ambitious series, and we look forward to seeing the world come together to learn music.”

The program is being co-directed by Music Education Director Tom Schutz and music educator Jocelyn Nunn.

The first two episodes will premiere this summer on TMMRI’s website.

TMI has partnered with the Los Angeles-based organization, Music Academy International, to make the music-related content available on the site.

“What Music for Music has built over the last five years is a network of parents with a diverse range of backgrounds, and they’re making their voices heard,” Schulz said.

“Music Academy International has been a great partner for us.

We’re excited to bring our content to TMI viewers around the globe.”

The Music for America series will premiere on TmIR at 8:30 p.p.m., Monday, August 30, in Los Angeles, New York and New York, Boston and Chicago.

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