Business Insider/YouTube – 7.8 million students are enrolled in music production schools in the UK, but only 1.5 million are working in them.

Here are the key lessons that help you become more effective.


Make your music accessible: It’s not a secret that people listen to a lot of music on the go, and the more you have access to your work, the more they can appreciate it.

The more time you spend with your music, the easier it is for you to listen to it on a variety of devices, with a variety to choose from.

But, it’s important to make your music as accessible as possible, so you can listen to as much as you want when you need it.

Here’s how: 1.

Take your time: Take your music out of the studio, and find something else to listen too.

Use headphones, your phone, a portable music player, a mobile device, or even a tablet.

This is where the power of your headphones comes in.

If you can’t hear the music, don’t worry, you can always take your headphones off and listen on your computer.


Set your own volume: Many music producers use the volume settings of their music production studio to set the volume on their workstation.

The music you create will always be loud enough to make it enjoyable for the listeners in the room, so it’s best to have them turn it down a bit, or set it to a quieter level.

The higher the music volume, the louder the listener will hear it. 3.

Focus on your instrument: Many students learn how to record their instruments in a studio and make music in front of a live audience, but the importance of listening to your instruments and the sound of your voice in front is less important when you’re working with them in the real world.

The key to this is listening to the music in your head, so when you get home, turn it up a bit to hear it better.


Practice the same things every day: Every day, work out in front with your peers, and use your headphones or headphones-enabled audio devices when you listen to your music.

Take it easy and focus on getting your sound as authentic as possible.


Play around: Take advantage of your music-production skills to create more original works of music.

You’ll be able to create songs that sound even more authentic and memorable when you put yourself in the music’s shoes.

The next time you hear a popular song, take note of the lyrics and make a few suggestions to make their melody pop even more.


Take risks: It seems that you’re always working with a sound that is already perfect, but if you take the time to get creative and experiment with the way your music sounds, you might find a song that sounds even more fun to listen and enjoy.

This can give you the confidence to start experimenting with your own sound.


Have fun with it: Make music that is a little bit different and exciting to listen.

Try new sounds, or try something new that is completely new to you.

If it’s not the sound that you like, then just be patient and listen to the song.

Make a few tweaks to the sound, and it will sound like the song you just wrote.


Listen to your favourite artists: You’ll find that you enjoy listening to different styles of music, whether it’s classical, jazz, pop, electronic, pop-punk, indie rock, or anything in between.

There are lots of ways to listen with your favourite musicians, and whether you are a musician or not, it doesn’t matter.

The main thing is to listen attentively to your own music, and to hear how it sounds in the same room with you.

The same goes for listening to music on headphones.


Be creative: The more you listen, the better you will be at producing your own works of art.

You might be a professional musician, or a student, but you don’t need to be an expert in order to make music.

Listen and see what your own creative side is, and how you can use your knowledge to help you create something better.

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