A new CBC Music class has been launched in the Philippines to teach Filipinos how to listen to music and perform it professionally.

The Alankaari Music Classes were introduced last month by the Philippines’ Ministry of Culture and Tourism, as part of the country’s Cultural Tourism Promotion Program.

The program aims to teach people about the Philippines, its culture, and its history through art, dance, music, storytelling, storytelling and visual art.

The goal is to develop Filipino musicians, whose performances and performances of Filipino songs are a popular way to spread their cultural traditions abroad.

“There are so many Filipino artists, singers, singers and dancers, and it’s such a small number of people who can really do this,” said Alankaar Music Instructor and Filipino national musician Raul Santos, who was part of a recent workshop with the Filipino artists and dancers.

“This is really a huge opportunity for Filipino artists because the country is really huge and they can really reach a global audience.”

The class will take place on March 17-18 in Quezon City and will be led by the Filipino music teacher and composer Raul Alaya.

Alaya said the aim of the class is to teach the Filipino audience the fundamentals of Filipino music, but that it can also be applied to international audiences.

“It’s a little bit like being an agent for a film production company,” he said.

“The music teacher will be bringing the music from Philippines, the music teacher from Japan, the Japanese music teacher, the Filipino musicians.

You get this feeling of really seeing these different cultures come together.”

While the class can be found online, students will have to register at the Philippine Cultural Tourism Office in Quezo City.

Classes are available through the Philippines government’s Office of International Programs.

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