If you’re going to be in Tampa, Florida for the next couple weeks, you might as well go to the Music class.

The program offers a free music class that takes place at the Tampa Bay Times Forum. 

The Music class is a series of videos, usually about five minutes long, that the Tampa Times Forum staff uses to help students learn the basics of their favorite music genres. 

Each class lasts two hours and features music from a variety of genres.

Each video is accompanied by a brief music score from the Times Forum, which has a great track record of providing free music lessons to people of all ages and abilities. 

Tampa’s Music Class is free and available for both new and returning students.

The course begins with a short intro video that covers everything you need to know about the basics.

The instructor walks students through the basics, explaining the basics and talking about the history of the arts in the state. 

It then begins with music clips and then focuses on a few songs. 

After that, the instructor goes over the basics again and explains what each of the songs is about. 

At this point, the teacher will also ask questions about the artists featured and how they might be a good fit for a particular music genre. 

Next up is the second part of the program, a music lesson, where the instructor introduces each song, introduces the theme of the lesson, and then talks about the music’s lyrics.

The teacher then shows each student how to play their favorite song and asks questions about how the song fits in with the rest of the group’s group of friends. 

In the third part of this program, the music teacher introduces each group of students to their favorite musicians and asks them to perform a song. 

As you might expect, the instructors’ music lessons are extremely good and the students love it. 

“I am really enjoying my Music class,” one of the students, Alex Crespo, said. 

She said that she’s learned a lot from the instructor, even though she didn’t know she was doing it.

“I really enjoy it.

I think it helps me get in shape and get out of the house a little bit more,” she said.

“It gives me an opportunity to interact with my peers and to see who I’m hanging out with.

It’s really helped me connect with people who are different and see me as different than they may have previously thought. 

Another student, Brittany Lee, said that the class is one of her favorite ways to connect with her friends.”

It’s nice to see other people like myself in a group, because we can be kind of like one group and just kind of be ourselves,” she added. 

 If you’re not a music major, you can get a free Music Class by visiting the Tampa’s Times Forum or clicking here.

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