Brentwood residents can take advantage of virtual classes to improve their listening skills in a class they are paying for.

A virtual class at the Brentwood Town Center in California can cost $15 and can include lessons on musical instruments, guitar, piano, and vocal chords, along with other learning material, such as quizzes and musical exercises.

Brentwood residents who sign up can listen to music by a band, learn to play a guitar, or play a saxophone.

A virtual class also features a music teacher who is responsible for teaching the music and teaching the students how to play it, according to the website.

It’s a perk that may appeal to those who are in the middle of a major shift in their music listening habits, and Brentwood’s virtual class might be a great option for those who have been turned off by traditional classes.

But the class can be a hassle if you are on a tight budget.

“It’s kind of like a rental car, you have to keep paying,” said Heather Smith, an artist and musician who works in the music business.

“There are so many things you need to do, so many other things you can’t do.

You have to have a good time and then you’re stuck.”

Smith said she found her frustration with virtual classes at Brentwood to be due to its complexity.

“It’s hard to put down an entire class at one time,” she said.

“But it’s nice if you can sit in one class and just listen to the music.”

It can also be difficult to find a good music class that meets your needs, she said, adding that she and other residents in Brentwood have complained about the lack of information available to them.

“They are all very technical and very detailed,” Smith said.

Smith said Brentwood has become a popular destination for music lovers because of its diverse population and cultural heritage.

“The music scene here is very different from anywhere else,” she added.

Beth Houlton, a resident who lives in Brent and is an artist who teaches music at the school, said she and others in the community have found that Brentwood provides a great place to learn to listen.

“You get to hear what other people are doing, you get to learn things that are new and different and that are more advanced,” Houlterton said.

Houlton said Brent’s music scene has expanded since her arrival in the area and she and her friends are trying to make it more accessible.

Houleville resident Stephanie Johnson said Brent has become the go-to place for her to learn music.

“If you don’t have an opportunity to learn at Brent, you really have to take advantage,” Johnson said.

Johnson said she has been looking forward to attending a virtual class since she learned about it a few months ago.

“I’m a little bit of a music junkie and I really like the fact that I’m in Brent,” she explained.

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