It’s a simple thing, and I’m not alone.

Apple has created a new playlist in its iTunes store for its music app called Altitune.

You can get it for free here:You can choose from a handful of music classes for free.

These include: The Biggest Hits by the Beatles, Big Band, Elvis Presley and more.

But it’s not just about listening to your favorite songs.

Altituest is also a great way to get some serious exercise.

Here’s how to turn your iPhone into a fitness tracker.

“We have a new music app in iTunes called AltItunes,” a spokesperson for Apple said.

“We’re excited to bring you this new music class, and we’ll share more info about it soon.”

We’re sure you can imagine how excited Apple is to have such a useful app in its store.

Apple Music is currently available for iOS devices.

Apple has also introduced the Beats 1 Music app for iOS, which offers more than 100 new tracks in addition to the usual music players.

Beats 1 offers a similar feature to Spotify for iOS and Android.

Both of these services are designed for people who are already using their iPhones.

Beats Music is a music streaming service that lets users stream tracks and albums directly to their iPhones from Spotify.

Apple also offers Apple Music Unlimited, which allows users to stream up to two songs to their iPhone every day.

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