The Lad’s song “Rock Me” is the title track on their new album Rock Me, but it’s a classic example of “hard” and “punk.”

“We made a song called ‘Rock Me,’ but we didn’t really think about the genre at all,” says bassist Ben Tovey.

“We just thought, ‘Fuck it, let’s make this music that feels good.'”

That sounds familiar, right?

After all, this is the same band that made “Bass, Get Up” the first-ever rock anthem in America.

“I love that song,” Toveys says.

“But we thought, let me do a song that feels really hardcore, and let’s see what happens.”

The band spent more than a year crafting the track, working on a different approach to the genre that they could share with their audience.

“There’s no such thing as a perfect song, but there’s no better feeling than seeing a song like that,” says guitarist Chris Odom, “that’s so powerful, it’s almost like a love song.”

“I know I can’t make it my own, but I feel like I’m on a path that I can go on, and that’s something I really want to continue on,” says Toveyer.

That journey is now taking a detour through a more progressive side of hardcore, with “Rock Her” the opening track on the new record.

“It’s really hard to sing about love, but ‘Rock Her’ is the song that’s made me feel the most comfortable,” says Odom.

“You can tell it’s been a long time since I wrote a song for a band, and I think that’s a big part of what makes it so satisfying to me.”

The song takes place in the city of Largo, a town near Largo Beach that is home to many artists, including the indie band Bongos, whose song “Love” became the second-highest-selling single of 2017.

“Largo Beach is so special, so I wanted to do a tribute to that,” Odom says.

For “Rock She,” the band spent six months crafting the song.

“The song is just me singing, and it’s very raw,” he says.

The lyrics are an homage to the bands “Hip Hop, R&B, Hip Hop” roots.

“So we were all just thinking about how we could get that raw, raw feeling in our songs that the fans would like to hear,” says drummer/vocalist Chris Anderson.

“When you hear someone singing ‘Rock She,’ you’re really hearing something that’s very real.”

“This song is really me singing,” Odoms adds.

“And the words in it are not meant to be taken literally.”

“It doesn’t really sound like a rock song,” says frontman Ben Toves.

“If you listen to it, you can hear the lyrics in it, but you can’t really hear the music.”

The lyrics don’t sound like they’re being sung at all, though, and they’re a true reflection of what the band’s fans are going through.

“What you’re hearing is me saying what I really feel about what I’m going through,” says Anderson.

That’s the beauty of this kind of music: it can capture the most raw emotions and give a powerful message that’s true to the listener.

“That’s what makes the music so good,” says lead singer Josh Odom of the band.

“People really do care what you think, and the fact that it’s coming from the heart and not from the mind really makes it special.”

The two-and-a-half minute song is an epic take on the relationship between the man and the woman that he’s loved.

“This is something that we were trying to express a lot with ‘Rock It,’ and it was really hard,” says vocalist Toveya.

“Every song we did had to have a songwriting process and it felt like it was all written on a keyboard and had to be cut up into two songs, so that’s why it sounds like a lot of vocals.”

“The most important part of a song is the melody,” says producer Dan Coughlin.

“A song has to be about a man or woman who is struggling and trying to figure out how to live and be happy, and to have that songwriting part be a melody is really important.

It’s about a songwriter’s job, and in this case it’s about having a song written about two different people.”

“Rock It” was written with bassist/vocals Ben Tavey and guitarist Chris Anderson, with the rest of the track’s production by producer Mike McElroy.

The song was recorded in August at an old house in a rundown part of town, and took six months to complete.

“In the past, we’ve had to record with a bunch of different

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