Now Playing: The Kings will face the Chicago Blackhawks in Game 3 of the Western Conference Final tonight, and they’ll get a chance to get some revenge in a series of playoff games.

Kings forward Dustin Brown will be back in Game 4, as well.

Here’s a look at the Blackhawks and Kings in the Eastern Conference finals: Who will win the Stanley Cup?

Watch as the Kings host the Blackhawks in a Game 4 in Game 5 of the Stanley League Finals tonight.

Kings goalie Jake Muzzin will be out tonight after suffering a lower-body injury.

The Blackhawks will need to be without Niklas Hjalmarsson for Game 1 of the conference finals, as he’s on injured reserve.

What will the Kings do without Muzzaras?

Defenseman Justin Williams, who’s on a conditioning stint with the Kings, will not play in Game 1 tonight.

The Kings are without center Dustin Brown, who will be sidelined indefinitely with a lower body injury.

It will be Chicago forward Jonathan Toews, who is averaging 24 goals per year and has two goals and five assists in his last four games.

How will the Blackhawks handle the Kings defense?

The Blackhawks defense has been solid over the last few seasons, but this will be their first playoff series in seven years.

Chicago has been the team to beat the Kings for most of the past two seasons.

However, the Blackhawks have not been able to stop the Kings this year.

Game 1 should be a high-scoring affair, as the Blackhawks will look to take advantage of the Kings’ lack of defensive intensity.

The Chicago defense has allowed a goal or fewer in six of their last seven games.

Will this series be close?

The last time the Blackhawks faced the Kings was Game 4 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final.

The teams last meeting was Game 1 in the Western Semi-Final.

Both teams will be playing for a spot in the Stanley Championship Series.

This year’s series is expected to be very physical, and the Blackhawks should be able to get a win.

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