The city of Hyderabad is now the latest to offer classes in music.

And in the process, it’s taking a cue from one of the most successful music programs in the world.

“It’s a dream come true for everyone in the community,” said Mohan, the founder of the Hyderabad Symphony Orchestra, who has also played a role in the development of the city’s music scene.

Mohan has been helping to organize the concerts since 2009, and his orchestra has performed in several major cities.

“I’m very happy to have the chance to play the most popular music in the country,” he said.

The orchestra is one of three local orchestras that have been participating in the annual International Symphony Orchestra (ISO) program since 2012.

ISO is a program where musicians from around the world take part in performances of classical and other music for the benefit of the local community.

ISOs are open to anyone, regardless of age, income level, or other qualifications.

The program has grown to more than 150 concerts in India.

The ISOs help connect musicians from all walks of life.

“The ISOs have helped to bridge the gap between music lovers and those who are struggling,” said Sajid, who works in the entertainment sector.

Sajdish, who is from Hyderabad and has studied music at the city university, was one of a group of students who volunteered to attend the inaugural concert at the university’s prestigious music hall, the Nehru Theatre.

He was thrilled to be part of the orchestra.

“We’ve all been waiting for this,” Sajdi said.

“This is a dream for me to play in this hall,” he added.

In addition to the classical and classical-music classes, the ISOs also offer dance classes for students to learn their skills.

Samaar, who studied classical and dance, said he was excited to be joining the ISO.

“Every year, the city has a lot of events for the ISoes to perform, so it was very exciting to come here and have a concert in my hometown,” Samaur said.

In 2017, the program had more than 300 participants.

“For the first time, we have the opportunity to perform in front of thousands of people, especially at the Nehri Theatre,” Samiar said.

Music has a profound impact on people’s lives and is the second most important social activity in the city, after sports.

The musicians and singers are also active in other arts, like painting, performing art, and writing poetry.

“Music is a great medium to express emotions,” said Mohammad, a teacher at a children’s learning center.

Mohammad has been studying music since he was a child.

He started learning the music in kindergarten.

Now, he studies music at a local university to continue his studies.

“When I was young, music was a way to express my emotions,” he explained.

“Now I use the music as a way of expressing my emotions in a meaningful way.”

Sajdan, who teaches music at an art center, said she was proud of her students.

“They are doing a great job in learning the instruments, they are making music for others and they are inspiring the whole community,” she said.

Samiir, who recently started studying music at school, is excited to continue studying music in school.

“My studies are continuing, I am working hard in my studies,” she explained.

The students have also been receiving encouragement from their teachers.

“Most of the students are really happy,” said Anil, a music teacher at the music center.

“Many of them have started their careers as music teachers,” said Muneer, another teacher at an arts center.

Munear said the ISOO program helps to bridge gaps between the arts and the students.

The concerts help the ISoos to raise awareness and fund their projects.

“Our goal is to help all music lovers in the nation,” Saji said.

With the help of the ISoo program, musicians can now explore their musical talents and become an asset to the community.

“ISOs have the capacity to teach and entertain people, not just musicians, to the extent that they have the ability to contribute to the lives of the people,” Mohan said.

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