RAGEMAR Music classes have become a staple of the summer for kids of all ages in Kansas City, Mo., and it’s no surprise.

Many schools, including the University of Missouri, Kansas City Community College, and the University at Buffalo offer them.

“A lot of the time they’re just as important as the academics, because you’re going to get to see some great art and music,” said Kevin Cappello, an art and entertainment studies professor at the University in Kansas, KCCC.

The classes are also popular for kids who are not yet exposed to the arts and want to get their education in a more formal setting.

For those who do, they can enjoy some music, dance, theater, and other classes that offer a deeper appreciation of traditional African American culture.

“It’s just about learning about what they’re doing,” said Tanya Riggs, a music teacher at the Kansas City Public School District.

The art and culture of African Americans is important to KCC, Cappellos said, because it helps them navigate the city’s cultural landscape.

And because of the high concentration of African American families in the city, there are plenty of opportunities for them to find out about music and culture through music programs.

“There’s so much great music out there,” Riggs said.

“Some of the music we’ve been listening to for years has not even come close to the level of the songs that we hear today.”

The KCCC offers four RAGAAM classes that include a variety of arts and crafts.

The first class, which is taught by Riggs herself, is a two-hour, four-part dance class with music, music theory, and music education.

It’s a very casual, low-pressure class, Riggs told the KCCC that focuses on basic choreography and has a lot of people in it.

“You learn how to get the dancers on the ground,” she said.

The next class, titled “Prelude to RAGAMA,” is an intensive music and art class with some dance instruction.

The class, with a mix of dance and singing, is designed for those who are interested in learning to play a musical instrument or want to make a little piece of music.

It is, Rigges said, a good way to get started in the world of African music.

The third class, “A Soothing, Pulsing, and Moving Music,” has a mix between dance and music instruction.

“We’ve got the traditional music of Ghana, like Mozart, and we’ve got contemporary music that you can listen to, like Afro-Cuban and Caribbean music,” Riggs said.

After that, there is a music class that is geared toward older students and includes a little bit of traditional music.

“The kids are in the room doing all of that stuff.

It was really a good lesson,” Ruggs said, explaining that it was “the same thing as an English class, but in African.”

The fourth class, named “The Roots of African Music,” focuses on traditional African music from around the world.

Riggs and the other teachers in the class, she said, are really learning what African music is.

“If you look at what you’re learning from the Roots of music, that’s what we call the heart of the African music,” she explained.

“This is music that has been around for centuries, and it is very important to us, because African music has a strong spiritual component, and that’s why we have a lot to learn from it.”

The classes, Rugges said.

are also a great way for children to connect with African culture through art.

“I love to make my own art and bring it into the classroom, because I have an opportunity to be the curator and curator-in-chief,” she told the Kansas Community College.

“That’s a great gift that we give them to bring that into the world.”

The RAGAMI classes are all taught by KCC teachers.

The KCC offers a variety, including dance, music, and theater.

“Our staff is all artists, and they have a very deep love of African culture,” Rigsons said.

For KCC teacher and RAGAMS teacher, RIGAMS, the classes offer a chance to learn about African art through music.

For the music teachers, the RAGUMAR classes have been instrumental in building their skills as teachers.

“RAGAM is a great tool because you can really see what a lot are really passionate about,” RIGAM said.

RIGAMI teachers and RAGEAM teachers can also find out more about the art of RAGAMP, a popular music and arts class taught by Tanya Cappelli at the City College of Kansas City.

The RAGEAMS class offers an introduction to jazz, and RIGAMP teachers are able to practice their art in front

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