When I started to play guitar, it was the first thing that came to mind.

The music was so new to me, but I knew I wanted to be a rock star.

After that, it became more about getting better at playing the guitar.

That’s how I got my first gig, at the Fillmore East in New York City.

It was the beginning of my career, and I’m glad that I did it.

Now, I play the guitar as a hobby.

I’ve played professionally for 10 years, and my main gig is with a band called The Black Keys.

I get to work with some amazing people, like John Mayer and Scott Weiland.

I’m really grateful for that.

The Black Keys are my biggest fans, and that’s why I’ve gotten to work on their album, “Mood Indigo.”

I love working with them, because I know that they really appreciate what I do.

It’s nice to have someone like John, who’s been a big influence on my life, to give me that opportunity.

My goal with this article is to give a bit of insight into my career and my music.

I don’t have any secrets, I’m just trying to give some insight into what I’m doing now.

I love playing the music, and as a fan, I feel like I know more about the artists and their music than I do about myself.

I think I have a lot of great ideas for what I want to do with my life.

I’m also in my late 30s now, and have a couple of kids.

I just started playing guitar a few years ago, and they’re really into it, so I’m kind of hoping that they’ll like it.

I want them to be really into what they’re doing and what I have to say.

I’ve played guitar for more than 30 years, but this is my first full-time gig, so it’s a little different.

It really gives me some perspective, and a sense of what I can do now.

If I didn’t do this, I’d probably have been a musician for a long time.

I can’t really say I’m enjoying my life any differently.

I feel pretty much the same as I did before.

It might be a little more fun for the kids, but they don’t need me anymore.

I do have to play gigs to support myself, so sometimes I’ll come home late at night, and not want to be up until 4 a.m. to do it.

There’s nothing like having a kid to really give you a sense that you’re doing something, because you have a job.

I have two kids now, so that’s something I’ve never done before.

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