I’m in the middle of a city where people are still trying to figure out how to get through the worst of the weather, and they’re having a tough time.

A few weeks ago, a new weather report put Seattle on a high alert for snow and rain.

It’s been a brutal month, with high winds and heavy rain.

But even with the rain, the forecast was still pretty good.

Here are the five best music and dance classes in Seattle for families.

If you’re going to Seattle, you want to get a good music education.

There are many local music schools, which can help you find the right school.

We looked at each school’s track record, how well they prepare students for the music, and the quality of their teachers.

All five schools are part of the Seattle Music Academy.

It is a nonprofit group of community and high school musicians and dance teachers.

Here’s what they have to say about the classes they offer: 1.

The Music Academy, 1201 E. 3rd Ave.

Suite 200.

Seattle, WA 98103: For ages 14 and up.

Located in the heart of downtown Seattle, the Music Academy offers a variety of musical instruction.

They have a music studio with two desks, a piano, and a digital recorder.

It offers classes in jazz, blues, pop, hip-hop, soul, and pop-rock, as well as pop and R&B.

Classes start at 5:30 a.m. and are offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

For the summer, classes are offered every other week through July, though you can find the schedule online.

You can also find the full schedule on the SeattleMusicAcademy.org website.

There’s also a free online music app called Soundcloud, and there are a few classes in the Seattle area that you can sign up for.

You will need to be a Seattle resident to attend classes.

They offer classes in Spanish, German, and Russian, as they do in other parts of the U.S. and Canada.

They also offer a French-language online music studio.

You don’t need a phone to access them, but they do offer a free, one-hour lesson.

They are located at 1201 3rd Avenue.

They’re located in the same building as the Seattle Public Library, and if you need a lesson, they have a library card on hand for you.

For $60, you can get a free lesson.


The Soundcloud Academy, 909 E. Second Ave.


The Seattle Public Arts Academy, 1323 E. Pike Place Market.

This is an arts-based arts and culture organization, which aims to create community through arts and entertainment.

The group also provides music, dance, and film classes.

It also has a studio in Seattle.

For about $25, you get a class with two studios.

You’ll get a set of four lessons, and you’ll also receive a DVD for your computer and a hard copy of the program.

The lessons can be recorded and played on your phone, but you won’t get the opportunity to listen to the lessons on your own.

For free, you’ll get lessons with music and soundtracks, and other resources, including a free video app.

3/5/17: You can still find great music and music-related classes in places like Seattle, but the ones I recommend here are still a good start.

All the classes we’re highlighting here are for the younger, hipster crowd.

You might also want to check out other music-focused music programs in Seattle: The Seattle Music Club, a local club, hosts classes and events every other Thursday in the basement of the University of Washington.

For kids ages 13 and up, it has classes every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday in the Music Club.

You get to watch a recording of a performance, and all proceeds benefit the arts and education programs at UW.

The club also has classes and music sessions in its basement.

You also can find some really cool, old-school music classes at Seattle’s Capitol Hill School, which has music classes every Thursday and Friday.

They teach you the basics of rock, country, hip hop, and indie rock, and then you can pick up some new styles in the evenings.

This music class also includes a free DVD for kids ages 7-12.

4/5: The Black-Led Black Circle, a nonprofit that focuses on improving the racial makeup of Seattle’s black community.

There is a large group of people who live in this neighborhood, and Black-led Black Circle offers classes for kids in their early teens.

There also are music classes that are open to all ages, and every Wednesday is a free concert.

You may want to visit the group’s website, Black-Lead Black Circle.org, to see more about their programs

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