A recent study conducted by a non-profit organisation in Indonesia found that music lessons offered by online courses were priced below that of traditional ones, as well as significantly below the cost of attendance.

According to a report published by the NGO The Lad, which is affiliated with the Islamic University of Indonesia, music classes offered by the popular music-streaming platform Awlaki were often cheaper than those offered by traditional music schools, such as Ayah and Kataa, which were mostly owned and operated by government-owned organisations.

According the report, Awlakis music lessons cost between RM1,000 and RM3,000, while traditional music classes cost between $3,800 and $5,000.

The study also found that the cost per song was between RM3 and $10 per hour, with students often paying as little as RM1 for the same lesson.

The organisation also found the average weekly fee for a class was RM100, and that of an average session between 10 to 15 minutes, and up to 30 minutes.

“The cheapest music lesson offered by Awlki is RM500, while the average rate of attendance for a typical session is around RM1.50 per person,” the report read.

The group also found online music lessons were less costly than those that were offered in traditional schools, with Awlanias tuition fee ranging between $30 to $60, whereas those offered in Ayah schools ranged between $75 to $125.

The report also found Awlakis tuition fee is a third lower than that of Ayah.

“These data clearly indicate that the majority of Awlakyas tuition fees are actually subsidized by government funds, while Ayah is run by private individuals and is not regulated by the government,” it added.

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