When you’re stuck with an Altitune song and can’t find a suitable musician for the job, you can try to search for the artist on Spotify.

The app will help you find a match in the Altitude playlist of music on the service.

You can enter your location and the search term in the app, which will then automatically search for artists who are on the AltITunes service.

If you don’t know the artist, you will get suggestions on their album and playlist.

Here are the recommendations that came up in our search:  “Lyrics to ‘Gotta Get Ya Down’ by Katy Perry” by Beyonce,  “I Can’t Wait” by The Weeknd,  and  “Dance (feat.

Migos)” by Lil Yachty.

As a result, we did not get any artists in our playlist and ended up finding the song “Dancing (feat of Migos),” but we did find the Alt-J playlist.

In fact, the playlist suggested “Dancer” by J. Cole, but it turned out to be an error.

In case you don´t have a Spotify account, you have the option to set up a subscription, which means you get the playlist automatically and you can select any of the artists you want to play it.

If, however, you want the playlist to be auto-generated, you must sign up for an account, which you can do through Spotify.

In case you want a playlist that contains all the songs of an artist, we suggest searching for the artists on Spotify’s own playlist and adding them to your search results.

Spotify has a variety of other AltITune music services too, including music discovery, which can be used to discover music that’s not currently available on Spotify and songs you’ve already heard.

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